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There is so much competition everywhere around you and the corporate world is no exception. There’s always interview competition for jobs that YOU want.You are always a part of the majority and your chances of landing a high-paying dream job are most often bleak.

However, if you are associated with companies like ours to find a job, you have something others don’t: the right information. This is because we present to you jobs that are less seen by other candidates. This means there is lesser competition out there for that job since less people know about it! Naturally, your chances of landing the job go up exceptionally.

How it works

Getting a Job Ready document with Careergrowth is quick and easy. This is how the process flows.

Email your Resume/Details

To begin with we will send you a questionnaire designed to get all the information about you that is essential for creating a great profile.

We Analyze your Requirements

We carry out in-depth research into your market niche before writing a stellar profile that gets you noticed and puts you on the fast-track to greater success.

Your profile/ Resume Delivered

We will analyse your profile/ Resume resume w.r.t. the present jobs in the market for your specific vertical and prepare the documents.


Career Growth Site Stats

Here we list our site stats and how many people we’ve helped find a job and companies have found recruits. It’s a pretty awesome stats area!

  • 2386
    Clients landed more high paying job
  • 276
  • 1177
    Live Feedback
  • 1083

Kind Words From Happy Customers

What other people thought about the service provided by Career Growth

Hi Sam, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such a terrific job updating my profile. You mentioned to me that would take approximately 30 days for results to start popping up. Well it only took one week before I started receiving phone calls and emails. I highly recommend anyone looking to update their profile to give Sam a call. Thanks again. I accepted a new position this week. Very excited to get started. I will keep you posted.

Sam’s work is stellar, with his professionalism exemplary. You will be pleased with his results.

I hired Samir to update my  profile based on reviews and recommendations from his past clients. Samir took my existing resume and organized the information into a clean, succinct, key words search and efficient bio. He also updated my resume, and provided me with a cover letter as a complimentary service. I appreciate his efforts, diligence and quick turn-around. I am looking forward to receiving more views from recruiters and engaging with valuable contacts within the next 30 days.

Sam did a great job capturing my experience and education and turning it into a friendly, high impact presentation. As a C-level marketer I found it most difficult to market myself (compared to products and services I’ve marketed in the past). Thanks to Sam, I feel comfortable and confident in what is being presented on my profile. You will too…hire Sam TODAY! Thanks Sam!!!

Sam is astute at learning about people over the professional platform. In a manner of days he was able to write my profile and write it in a way that I could not have done on my own. He did not manipulate any information and it honestly felt like he knew me for years after reading my profile for the first time! I think Sam is a skilled professional who has mastered his craft! And – if you have the opportunity for Sam help with a profile – in my humble opinion you should take that opportunity and see what it can bring for you!!

I had Sam rewrite my LinkedIn profile for me. I am much happier with the way it flows, now. He made sure to make my achievements and skills stand out better. He knows how to identify the skills, expertise, and experience required to get you noticed by the recruiters. He does great work and is a pleasure to work with. He really cares about your success.

Sam wrote a concise, descriptive profile for me. It better represents the work that I’ve done much better than I could have done myself. Sam’s work has increased my profile views and I have made some valuable contacts.

I would like to share my feedback about Sam capable work and quality. He did an outstanding job helping me to present my credentials in a very nice way and ultimately impacting the way my profile has been viewed. I recommend Sam Oke based on his knowledge and commitment to exceed. Excellent professional.

Sam provided a great resume. He worked to bring more attention to my accomplishments and to position my skills in the best possible light. He was easy to work with and responsive.

Sam was very professional in his desire to go the extra mile for his clients and prospective clients. He suggested some very helpful ideas on reformatting my resume and sent job leads that were a close match with my skill sets. Very pleased with his work.

Since I have been working with Sam I have found unique opportunities that I never knew existed but match my skill sets 100%. The re-written resume enabled hiring managers to appreciate my quality and move me to the front of the Interview line. Thank you Sam for a job well done! I recommend Sam to anyone who desire the right job instead of being a number somewhere else.

Sam does a wonderful job of identifying and understanding the nuances of a candidate’s experience and skill set. His ability to represent these things in an accurate appealing way really helps draw attention from just the right audience.

Sam’s work is stellar, with his professionalism exemplary. You will be pleased with his results.

After I had been with a company for 16 years, I found myself needing to update my resume. I went to a well known outplacement center and thought they did a great job. Unfortunately, I was not getting the interviews. I kept reading about Sam Oke and decided to enlist his expertise for profile writing. What a big difference!! I am getting more interviews than I ever have. Sam excelled on how to showcase my skills and had a remarkable ability to understand my industry. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam Oke to everyone.

Sam’s analysis about what interviewers see in the resume turned out to be accurate. His creative suggestions to subtly highlight my achievements and relate them to my skills gave me an edge over competitors. I have landed at a new job. Thank you!

Sam is a very good writer. I landed multiple interviews because of his dedication.Thanks Sam!

In my career I have achieved many significant accomplishments, but unfortunately they were buried throughout long resume. Sam reformatted and positioned the results (PARS) up front to grab the attention of the reader.

Time to change career gears? If so, look to Sam Oke to show you how to leverage networking sites to make targeted connections, increase sales, and build important relationships. Sam mentors you on how to clarify your vision and develop a strategic action plan. His ‘best practices’ arms you with real world tools and techniques that create immediate results. Research and analysis is Sam’s thing; and he uses the latest industry trends to train and coach executive and managerial candidates on how to communicate effectively, network extensively, and interview well.

I know Sam to be a man of his word and who follows through on his commitments Shiny new resume in hand, I was contacted for multiple interviews in just a few days. His strategy works!

It was a true pleasure working with Sam. I landed a new job because of his efforts! His straightforward questionnaire really made me think about my career and he distilled and encapsulated my answers into a substantive profile. He was extremely responsive when asked questions and delivered everything and more in a quick timeframe. For anyone seeking to update their profile I strongly recommend they contact Sam

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