I highly recommend Samir Oke for assistance with making improvements to your resume. As one of his prior clients, he shows the technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills that make for a true professional. The result is you will have an exceptional “new” resume, no matter how good you think it is currently.
Ricky Anderson
A dynamic project and operations management professional with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record.
I had my resume completed by Samir as well as my profile. I received a job offer from a well-noted company within a month.
Nancy Houston
Sam is an excellent resume writer. He goes above and beyond to provide an outstanding resume package. I was really just looking to get an updated resume. When I received my newly updated resume, cover letter, Thank you letter and follow up letter I was overly ecstatic. The price he charged and all of the documents I received was well worth the cost. Sam is very timely, and is very good at understanding the type of position I wanted to attract. I am already receiving more traffic and am excited about all of the possibilities I am starting to encounter. I recommend that you allow Sam to work his magic on your resume. I am very happy with the resume package I received. Sam comes highly recommended!
Sharon Alexander
MBA | Certified Life Coach | Operations Director | Sales | Healthcare | Budgeting | Data Analysis |Logistics | Marketing
Samir Oke worked with me to rewrite my resumé and personal statement. I had such a great experience working with him, not only his professionalism but his attention to detail makes it look easy, but the fact of the matter is, he is keen to details. He devoted time to go through my experiences, both academic and non-academic, and he was able to rearrange them in a way that makes sense, making it more likely for recruiters to single out my resumé.
Proven Certified Professional Swahili Interpreter | Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals
After being laid off at age 58 it was increasingly apparent that my traditional chronological resume was simply no longer effective. Sam took my resume and background and retooled it to create a resume that promoted and highlighted how with my experience I could help other businesses succeed without highlighting my age. While I have yet to land that dream job my profile and resume are getting many more views and I believe potential employers are seeing the best of "ME".
Russ Gaffney
Established manager in manufacturing and distribution with over 30 years-experience leading all aspects of operations.
Samir I truly appreciate the time you took to make my resume and cover letter professional. Not only that, but you provided useful resources that would help me in the job search. Because of a resume and a cover letter like that I am confident in using my master degree for higher positions at high profite hospitals. I even get to choose what job to apply for. Thank you
Pivot Zotamou
Pivot is a recent graduate with a master degree in Healthcare Management from American Intercontinental University.
Sam did an excellent job with my LinkedIn profile and resume. I am so very pleased with the results of the professional written documents he provided as they accurately reflect my valuable experience. It was great working with Sam to accentuate my profile and resume. He goes the extra mile to highlight your profession, skill sets and achievements in depth. He made a huge difference with his knowledge, professionalism and quality of service. Sam is an excellent resource and superb at his craft. I highly recommend Sam to anyone who has a great desire to move forward with better career opportunities.
Debra M. Arroyo
An experienced and versatile Human Resource and Office Executive with a proven track record.
Sam provides a very effective and tactical approach to career advancement and the job search process. His techniques reveal a professional’s highest skillsets and strengths through exercises that are part of his program. He is a gifted writer and his expertise in digging deep with his clients generates a robust resume that is well-crafted and targets the specific goals of a candidate and job provider. I encourage anyone to call on Sam to help up their game, as it is a great investment with high yield
Donald Dellario
Proven Business Consultant | Helping Companies Translate Their Goals to Reality
I highly recommend Sam Oke if you need your resume or your profile updated. Sam works with you to maximize your experience and expertise to help you land your next dream job! Reach out to him today and see your options grow!
Robin Ward
Positive Leader | Sales Executive | Proven Track Record
If anyone is finding difficult landing in a job, I believe Sam is the answer. His expertise and knowledge in resume writing made me to land in my dream job within a month where I had recruiters from different job sites contacting me for interviews. I found the job finally which I have been waitinh from the past 6 months and highly recommend him especially for professionals who do not know what to include and what not to include in their resume.
Sylvester R. Aelred
PMP®, LSS - Black Belt, M.C.A, M.Sc.
Sam initially contacted me with an offer to re-write my LinkedIn profile. He provided some compelling reasons why this would benefit me based on his having done this for so many others. His re-write very effectively transitioned my headline from a generic, bland description of my profile to an active description of what I could offer prospective employers. Sam then proposed a re-write of my profile with the promise of an immediate spike in the number of in-person interviews I would receive and boy, did it work. Sam re-wrote my profile, my resume, and my cover letter and within two weeks I secured four in-person interviews , and received two excellent offers. I accepted one and I am now employed with an excellent organization with a great salary and significant upside potential. I would enthusiastically recommend Sam to anyone who may be experiencing a lull in their career search.
Brian Matos
A multi-faceted professional, skilled at marketing, sales, in Consumer Electronics, Computer Electronics, and CPG.
My experiences with Sam was exceptional from when I contacted him. His professional ability to reshape my resume and profile using key words that strengthen my achievements and accomplishments is exceptional. I am very pleased with my professionally written documents and have noticed several LinkedIn views and connection requests and most importantly a couple of recruiter interviews within a week. I also appreciate the added documents (cover letter, interview tips, salary negotiation tips, post-interview thank you letter and follow up chat templates). I have already recommended Sam to other family members/ friends and will continue doing so
Kwame Ofori
A clinical Research Manager with 10+ years in drug and medical device development driving cutting edge clinical research
I became interested in Sam through the interesting e-mails that he sent me and I found them to be relevant for my job search. Subsequently I asked him to edit and improve my profile since it is so important in finding a new job. Sam not only made very good suggestions to improve my profile which I fully adhered to, but was kind enough to make very useful improvements in my resume as well as suggestions for cover, followup and thank you letters. I am very satisfied and feel Sam gave me more than I bargained for. Thanks Sam!
Roozbeh Sarshar Ph.D, P.Eng
Proven Construction Project Coordinator | Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality
He is very intuitive and very knowledgeable giving advice to help one succeed in their career search. He strives with every effort to live by his main motto to help everyone land their dream job and reach their desired career goals. You can be assured his efforts and support will help one achieve their career goals.
Stan Gilbert
Proven Sales/Business Development /Manager/ A dynamic sales professional with over 15 years of vast experience
Samir was easy to work with and did a wonderful job helping me update my profile, with great results. I'm working and have had many views and people reaching out. Thanks Sam it was a pleasure working with you.
Mark Shields
Quality Assurance Manager at PARKER MEDICAL, INC.
Samir did an excellent job optimizing my LI profile while ensuring consistency with my resume. This led to greater visibility, and increased contacts from recruiters... I believe Samir's assistance compressed the time it took to land my current sales leadership role. I'd recommend Sam for assistance in this regard.
James Watson
Regional Sales Director, California
I asked Sam to help me about 8 months ago. After weeks of submission without response, I wanted to get some third-party guidance on what I might do differently to improve the look and readability of my resume. Never having done this before, I was a bit reluctant, even with the great comments I was seeing on Sam's success rates. Taking this step to collaborate with Sam was a great decision. Not only were his guiding remarks helpful, but his reinventing of my resume resulted in my securing a new position. I highly recommend using Sam to take a fresh look at revising your resume.
Jeffrey Elks
Developing and delivering solutions for complex chemical product development and improved laboratory operations
I highly recommend Samir Oke. He wrote a great LinkedIn profile, resume & cover letter for me. He has a talent for recognizing the perfect industry terms to get your resume & profile noticed. I received several interviews after working with him & accepted a great job offer within a month. He is very prompt & responded to all my questions. Contact him today if you are looking for a new career!
Betsy Roberts
Senior Provider Network Manager at New Century Health
I worked with Sam to revamp my LinkedIn profile and resume. First and foremost, Sam was very communicative, responsive, and punctual throughout the process. Sam did a fantastic job of summarizes my skill sets, and experience in addition to highlighting my achievements and contributions. I'm confident that with Sam's help my resume will get more exposure. I recommend Sam for anyone who needs there online profile and resume reworked.
Pedro Florentino
Product Manager at Ultimate Software
I highly recommend using Samir Oke's services. He does great work and delivers much more then you actually pay for. Great value.
Michael J. Di Santo, CFA
Portfolio Execution Trader at Curve Asset Management
Sam cares about his clients interests and will do all he can to set them up for success.
Kevin Pratt, II, MA
Driving competitive channel strategies; providing added value; and optimizing channel effectiveness. Proficient thought - leader.
Mr. Oke helped me get my electronic life in order when I was at a low point. I have never had to apply for a job online before. Mr Oke took my information and job desires and transformed it into a viable, up to date resume for me. Greg Hopp
Gregory Hopp
Financial Product Sales/Consumer Sales/B2B Sales/ with 25 years management experience.
Thank you Sam! He did an amazing job with my LinkedIn profile. Highly professional with his valuable service. Went above and beyond my expectation!
Kyle Killian, MBA
Articulating long-term product strategy and roadmap with clearly defined business metrics and targets.
Sam helped me with my LinkedIn profile and in updating my resume. Both helped me to secure a new position that helped me to redirect my career. I highly recommend Sam and his work!
Linda Michaels
Director, Carrier/Wholesale Development at Skywire Networks
I had Sam rewrite my LinkedIn profile for me. I am much happier with the way it flows, now. He made sure to make my achievements and skills stand out better. He knows how to identify the skills, expertise, and experience required to get you noticed by the recruiters. He does great work and is a pleasure to work with. He really cares about your success.
Douglas Wilkins
Process Engineer III at Oxea Corporation
Sam Oke is a detail orientated top producer who is also one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever known. Sam is very impressive, and one who has earned not just my respect, but also my admiration. It’s rare to find someone with a clearly defined value system who is also adept at the nuance and achievement skills required in developing high performing Career Growth, Re-write interview driven profiles, resumes and cover letters targeting the opportunities and aspirations of candidates. Sam Oke is a pleasure to work with.
Mark Saccomonto
Senior Lead Structural Engineer at JACOBS Engineering
Sam is astute at learning about people over the LinkedIn professional platform. In a manner of days he was able to write my profile and write it in a way that I could not have done on my own. He did not manipulate any information and it honestly felt like he knew me for years after reading my profile for the first time! I think Sam is a skilled professional who has mastered his craft! And – if you have the opportunity for Sam help with a profile – in my humble opinion you should take that opportunity and see what it can bring for you!!
Kirk Kruger
Regional Sales Director & Operations Manager at Novaerus Inc.
Sam did a great job capturing my experience and education and turning it into a LinkedIn-friendly, high impact presentation. As a C-level marketer I found it most difficult to market myself (compared to products and services I’ve marketed in the past). Thanks to Sam, I feel comfortable and confident in what is being presented on my profile. You will too…hire Sam TODAY! Thanks Sam!!!
Stephen Rosen
Human Resources & Training Manager at Howard Industries
I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical of Sam’s offer to re-write my profile. My skepticism vanished quickly! Sam sent me a very well thought out questionnaire which I filled out and returned. Within two days my re-write was complete. He did a truly amazing job. I have had many compliments from friends and colleagues. My profile views increased and generated many great contacts. Thanks SO much!!
Andrew Fleischer
Director Retail Dining and Catering at Princeton University
Sam wrote a concise, descriptive profile for me. It better represents the work that I’ve done much better than I could have done myself. Sam’s work has increased my profile views and I have made some valuable contacts.
Stephen Rosen
Quality Assurance Analyst at Almac Clinical Technologies
I would like to share my feedback about Sam capable work and quality. He did an outstanding job helping me to present my credentials in a very nice way and ultimately impacting the way my profile has been viewed. I recommend Sam Oke based on his knowledge and commitment to exceed. Excellent professional.
Antonio Julio
Executive Director, Enterprise product Management at Dell
In the time I’ve known Sam, he has consistently impressed me as an energetic communicator that puts the needs of his customers first. Sam knows the market well and anticipates the needs of prospects so that he delivers persuasive, value adding propositions every time. Don’t miss the chance to work with Sam Oke. He is well equipped with the knowledge to deliver results in a timely fashion at a reasonable cost.
Clay Worley, MS
Director of Procurement, Texas Military Department at State of Texas
Sam is an excellent professional marketing resource on LinkedIn. I worked with Sam on several issues that I felt needed to be addressed, in order to give my personal brand a competitive advantage. He understood what I wanted him to do, and exceeded my expectations. Sam is skilled in his choice of words, and his writing tone and tenor were exactly what I was looking for.
Troy Renshaw MBA/MISM
Senior Sales and Client Success Executive at Preparis, Inc.
If you need a second set of eye to critique and help strengthen your resume for visibility and to get results, Sam is the person to engage.
Ellen Crayton
Senior Manager at Ernst & Young
Sam , I want thank you very much for the effort and work you put into rewriting my resume. I think it is much more powerful and eye catching. As someone who has read a lot of resumes in hiring of engineers and managers, I love it! With my new resume Sam wrote for me I was able to receive a job offer in a short amount of time
Stephen O’Neill
VP of Technical Operations at Everbridge Inc.
Sam provided a great resume. He worked to bring more attention to my accomplishments and to position my skills in the best possible light. He was easy to work with and responsive.
Annemarie Russoniello
Marketing Communications Manager at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey
Sam was very professional in his desire to go the extra mile for his clients and prospective clients. He suggested some very helpful ideas on reformatting my resume and sent job leads that were a close match with my skill sets. Very pleased with his work.
Alan H. Lajtay
Managing Partner at AHL Consulting
Since I have been working with Sam I have found unique opportunities that I never knew existed but match my skill sets 100%. The re-written resume enabled hiring managers to appreciate my quality and move me to the front of the Interview line. Thank you Sam for a job well done! I recommend Sam to anyone who desire the right job instead of being a number somewhere else.
Tom Wilson, M.S.
Chief Engineer - Technical Consultant IV at HP
In my career I have achieved many significant accomplishments, but unfortunately they were buried throughout long resume. Sam reformatted and positioned the results (PARS) up front to grab the attention of the reader.
Robert Czerwinski
Director of Global Business Transformation Programs at PBSolutions
Sam’s analysis about what interviewers see in the resume turned out to be accurate. His creative suggestions to subtly highlight my achievements and relate them to my skills gave me an edge over competitors. I have landed at a new job. Thank you!
Nancy J. Wine
Director of Marketing at O’Connor & Drew, P.C.
Sam’s work is stellar, with his professionalism exemplary. You will be pleased with his results.
John Durso, Jr
Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Chief Spokesperson at NJ Transit
Working with Sam was easy. His timely and responsive communications made each step clear and an effective use of my time. His understanding of the industry allowed him to present recommendations that were valued and fresh. Thank you Sam!
Sean Ebanks, CISA
Security Compliance Manager at SiteSpect, Inc.
Sam has provided excellence input and feedback on my resume, ensuring that only the key information and attributes that companies seek stand out in the resume. Further, Sam has access to job openings that aren’t readily available online, if at all. He filters those that best match my career goals and capabilities. I highly recommend Sam for your job search needs.
Mark Frank
EVP Technology & Operations at 1st Choice Compliance
Sam helped me re-write my resume so it was more presentable and functional in today’s job search environment. Since I have been using the new resume I have had 3 interviews. I highly recommend Sam to help you in your job search and to fine tune your resume. Sam is very good at what he does as a professional.
Patrick McFarlane
Director Of Finance & Operations Support at Red Oak Technologies
Sam has done an outstanding job with his advice and recommendations during my job search – highly recommended.
Jeff Robertson
Senior Marketing Manager at Rollins, Inc.
I know Sam to be a man of his word and who follows through on his commitments Shiny new resume in hand, I was contacted for multiple interviews in just a few days. His strategy works!
Sid Methner
Consultant, Product Management at CyberSource - A VISA Company
Sam quickly restructured my resume making it much more effective in communicating my accomplishments and experience.
Tina Hodson
Director of Product Marketing at DynamicAction
Sam has an innovative, trust-building approach to head-hunting relationship. He provided an efficient power version of my resume, as well as a sample cover letter, as part of th application process to posts that were not clearly available through standard job search sites. Albeit a recent relationship, I am pursuing every position he finds for me with complete confidence.
Clark Misul
Section Chief, FATCA Integration at U.S. Department of the Treasury
Sam does a wonderful job of identifying and understanding the nuances of a candidate’s experience and skill set. His ability to represent these things in an accurate appealing way really helps draw attention from just the right audience.
Eric Weinkam
Director of Digital Solutions at Oldcastle
Sam has provided invaluable input regarding my profile.The resume provided by him is exemplary. Sam’s expertise will be useful for a rise to the next level.
Jim Turner, PMP
Director, Marketing & Customer Acquisition at Technocraft Solutions
I had an opportunity to work with Sam, and in a matter of very little time he was able to re-write my profile assertively and in a very professional manner. His ability to present ones skills and his response time is excellent. Thank you Sam for the great work!
Debora L Barros
Consultant-State of Rio de Janeiro
“It was a real challenge for me to figure out how to write about my diverse background, in a way that would appeal to hiring managers. Thankfully, Sam used his creative writing skills to articulate my diverse background in a concise style that highlights my skills and accomplishments. I highly recommend Sam to rewrite profiles for others.”
Alyson Ratney
Procurement Assistant at United Nations
Sam in writing my profile captured my essence.
Michael Lerner
Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
After I had been with a company for 16 years, I found myself needing to update my resume. I went to a well known outplacement center and thought they did a great job. Unfortunately, I was not getting the interviews. I kept reading about Sam Oke and decided to enlist his expertise for LinkedIn profile writing. What a big difference!! I am getting more interviews than I ever have. Sam excelled on how to showcase my skills and had a remarkable ability to understand my industry. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sam Oke to everyone.
Lori Baggett Pappin
Field Sales Director at Elizabeth Arden
Sam did an excellent job on the re-write of my Profile. I think he hit all the hot points about my current and past positions and I feel he has set me up for success to find my next career move. Thank you Sam
Hayley Sember
E-Commerce Sales Manager at Glanbia Performance Nutrition - GPN
Sam is an excellent resource and business partner. He helps provide guidance and direction to make the most out of your LinkedIn profile and enhance your ROI. I recommend Sam to anyone that seeking to utilize LinkedIn more effectively.
Shannon Dacus
Human Resources Manager at RR Donnelley
Sam did a nice job re-writing my LinkedIn profile. He created unique phrases and highlighted my accomplishments in ways I had not considered. I am pleased with the turnaround time and the end result. If you want a new, effective profile, I highly recommend Sam.
Kayla Arnesen
Director of Strategic Communications,Community First Foundation
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such a terrific job updating my LinkedIn profile. You mentioned to me that would take approximately 30 days for results to start popping up. Well it only took one week before I started receiving phone calls and emails. I highly recommend anyone looking to update their profile to give Sam a call. Thanks again. I accepted a new position this week. Very excited to get started. I will keep you posted.
OutSide Sales Manager, Creditsafe.com
Samir Oke has taken the art of crafting the perfect profile to a whole new level. He demonstrates exceptional facility at presenting a person’s strengths and skill. A profile speaks volumes. Samir was able to capture the essence of my work history and present it in a way that shows the value of my skills and my value as a future asset to an organization. If you think your profile or resume needs another set of eyes, or something extra to make it shine, contact Samir. His recommendations won’t disappoint.
Alicia Smith
Proven success in curriculum development | Translating technical content into easy-to-consume training curriculum
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for doing such a terrific job updating my profile. You mentioned to me that would take approximately 30 days for results to start popping up. Well it only took one week before I started receiving phone calls and emails. I highly recommend anyone looking to update their profile to give Sam a call. Thanks again. I accepted a new position this week. Very excited to get started. I will keep you posted.
OutSide Sales Manager, Creditsafe.com
Whether you are actively looking or just want to update your resume and cover letter, I highly recommend Samir. He took the time to thoroughly review and rewrite my resume and highlighted all the skills that my current resume was missing. My cover letter and profile is amazing as well. It’s been a couple of days since Samir worked on my profile, resume and cover letter and I have seen a huge difference it has made. I would go days without any reviews on my profile and since I’ve reached out to Samir for assistance, I have gotten alot more activity towards my profile. I am very happy with Samir work.
Joyce Garcia
Performance driven Program Director delivering clinical & administrative experience in healthcare setups
Sam just did a re-work/re-write of my whole profile, and resume. He highlighted my skills and experience in a way that will showcase my value to any prospective employer! I’m thrilled with the results. Thank you
Deborah Russell
Highly motivated individual supporting core drug discovery and development activities managing laboratory operations
I was very impressed with the assistance that Sam was able to provide for me. It has already made a big difference. I resent info to one of my job prospects that had been out there for a few weeks. After I sent the new information, I was contacted the same day.
Louis Moreto
Law Enforcement Professional | Law Enforcement Sales & Business Development
A years salary, five years salary, a fixed amount? How much is it worth to properly showcase your achievements and accomplishments? Even if you are employed or engaged, is is always best practice to keep your profile and CV updated. But as a highly skilled technical worker, is this something that we are well-versed in, or can do the absolute best at? That is why I engaged Sam and his team. It only takes one individual that is interested in your profile to potentially land your dream job. The value that Sam has added to my personal brand far exceeds the price I paid for the services. In addition, Sam delivered far more than what was expected. It’s amazing how much more favorably you and your profile are viewed, even with just the selection of a few keywords. This is clearly Sam’s area of expertise. I consider this personal branding just as important as continuing education or certifications (which cost much more). I realize that, especially for the underemployed or unemployed, spending money on a profile may seem optional. But I’ve seen firsthand that I now have a much higher ratio of contact versus search results since utilizing Sam’s services. I HIGHLY recommend, and am more confident than ever it was MONEY WELL SPENT! -Ken Kicak, Pennsylvania
Ken Kicak
Strategic thought leader experienced in building a robust and balanced enterprise information security framework
Sam has proved himself a complete professional to work with, and is not only proficient but extremely thorough in his execution. Sam always makes himself available responding generally on the same business day, and he goes over and above exceeding your expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam.
Craig Stevenson MBA
Sr. Account Executive Owner at Johnson Controls
Many recruiters critique the profiles as they hunt for candidates. Candidates lives will be significantly changed as they move from one employer to the next. The whole process works best when the LinkedIn profile accurately portrays the strengths, skills and work history of the candidate. Sam has developed a process and word mastery to create LinkedIn profiles that ensure his clients are accurately portrayed. He offers other services that supplement the LinkedIn profile. Sam is responsive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is “top shelf”.
Charles Kriston
Executive Recruiter/Consultant at Charles Kriston Group
Wow! That is all I can say about Sam. Although I have not officially started my job search journey, I can honestly say that Sam is unparalleled in his ability to formulate thoughts and ideas to help transition goals to reality. At first, I was a skeptic, how could Sam provide such a service at these reasonable rates, make the declarations he does, and help so many people. Nobody is that good. There must be a catch…I was wrong. I am considered a respectable writer and communicator, however, I always felt I was missing something within my profile and resume, and the response I was looking for just was not there. I could not lay a finger on it. I used other resume services in the past, but had zero success and I felt I wrote better than they did. No matter what your experience may be, without a concise and well plan strategy, what you have is just words on paper. What Sam brought to the table was an unbiased approach, cutting through the unnecessariness of thoughts, and wordsmithing a professional and well-balanced profile. He took the mast amount of information I gave him and formulated a concise and thought-provoking profile that help transitioned me to the next level. It does not matter what industry you are in! His use of terminologies, industry buzz-words, and ideas bought fruition to my journey. So, let Sam do it all, your profile, your resume, your cover letter…don’t be foolish, let the Doctor treat the symptoms, you won’t be disappointed…I know I am not.
Alex Piqueira
Serves as a key leader in the deployment of technical solutions to advance corporate mission | Technology/Project Mgr
Sam did a fantastic job working with me to improve my profile. Since the updated profile was uploaded, views are up 300% but more importantly I am now more confident in sharing my profile with job posters. I would highly recommend using his services.
David Leedberg
Business Consultant experienced in overseeing retail & foodservice operations in high-volume, fast-paced environments
I wish I had my profile done sooner by Samir! It can be really hard to see the flaws within the presentation you’ve set up for yourself and a little help is just needed sometimes to step back and take inventory of your skill-sets. I liked the way Samir reframed my LinkedIn profile in a story telling method. I recently read that story telling is a much better way to connect with your audience vs. bullet pointing the ideas you are trying to get across. Being laid off, I also really appreciate that Samir was reasonable and did more than I expected. Thank you Samir!
Michelle Martinez
Elevating consumer experience through exceptional product craft and pushing the limits of Design.
Sam did a great job updating my profile, cannot wait to see what difference this will make in Profile Reviews!
Paul van Es PMP PE
PMP & PE Certified Project Management with expertise delivering results in Offshore Installation (Upstream)
Samir is a consummate professional and is an invaluable resource. He recreated my U profile and revised my CV, which resulted in greater exposure to recruiters and potential employers.
Thomas A. DeMartin, MAI, CTA
Offers expertise in analyzing options and making strategic decisions on operational process and resolution of issues
I thought I could write and create my own profile and get the attention of recruiters on my own. After a month and getting very few contacts I decided to contact Sam. Once I received my new profile and updated resume I realized I wasted a month and should have contacted Sam right away. My profile was fantastic and I couldn’t wait to get it posted. The way Sam wrote and highlighted my achievements really made them standout and I couldn’t be more grateful for his help. I would recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to get noticed and interviews.
John Pogorelec
Proactively seeking out problems and developing solutions for efficiency and cost effectiveness
Wow! There are no other words or phrases to describe how awesome Sam’s re-writes are. My new profile is way…way…way…better than I could have imagined….why? Because I’m not an expert at it like Sam is. He also re-wrote my resume; it was condensed, highlighted, and explodes with articulate representation of my skillset. 32 hours later…. 4 recruiter calls for C-level opportunities. Thank you Sam!
Steve Torchia
Successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and operations leadership in uniquely challenging situations
Samir made a huge difference with the professional and quality services that he provides that belongs in a league of its own since its quality is immeasurable and can make a substantial difference in earning a better paycheck and finding a better job faster. He goes the extra mile to display a persons profession and skills in an honest and detailed fashion and wants to take the guess work out of a recruiters responsibilities. I recommend Sam to everyone who takes his career and future serious and means business.
Dirk Hans-Morgan
Highly motivated individual supporting core drug discovery and development activities managing laboratory operations
Sam is very passionate about his work and does an outstanding job with writing resumes and profiles. I would highly recommend Sam for his precise work and knowledge.
Steven Hess
Thought-leader demonstrating expertise in the intersection of industry and advocacy
Sam has been a driving force in my efforts to be hired in the SaaS Proven Enterprise Level SaaS software sales and training world. I am in my early 60s and Sales & Training continually ran into a brick wall during the interview process. Sam ConsultantlHelping rewrote my LinkedIn profile, wrote a cover letter and made me Companies Translate Their look incredible on a resume. He is a wonderful professional that is Business Goals to Real-ty an asset to any job search. Thank you Sam, from the bottom of my October 31, 2018, Ann was a client of Samir’s heart.
Ann Pennywitt
Proven Enterprise Level SaaS software sales and training Consultant
I am impressed by the quality of his work and what Samir has done to reshape and revise my profile. In addition to the profile he revised my resume and provided me with a cover letter template that I couldn’t even come close to writing myself. He has a way with words and is able to draw out your skills accomplishments so that stand out more clearly.
Susan Crossley
Result-oriented CFO with substantial finance and administrative management experience.
Sam really knows what works when it comes to leveraging the power of your profile! I am thoroughly impressed with his methodologies, and so pleased with his work.
Khemara Sical
Exhibits a balanced approach in strategic planning and coordinating projects for meeting commercial objectives
Sam did an outstanding job with my profile
Sheri Pasternak
Sales Coach | Provides direction and draws out best practices while supporting the success of sales professionals.
Samir is a complete definition of excellence in business when it comes to resume and profile. Samir reached out to me and i allowed him to tune up my resume and LinkedIn profile, my life has never remained the same since then…Thank you Samir…
Stephen O. Abegunde, ASP
Experience leading and implementing EHS & Quality Assurance strategies within a matrixed corporate culture
Thank you Samir for the improvements you made to my profile, resume and cover letter. Your ability to emphasize my important achievements, skill sets and practical experience will certainly help put me at the top of the “list”. I am looking forward to what your recommended changes have in store for me.
Ronay L. Hershey
Takes complete ownership of operations and drives a culture of continuous improvement
Sam did an excellent job rewriting my profile; along with a resume and cover letter reboot as well. Sam was able to articulate my experience into a very efficient profile, highlighting my accomplishments from years of work history. I would highly recommend Sam’s service.
Bryan Hite
Six Sigma Certified | Provides business insights based on analysis and makes strategic recommendations
Samir has done a great job in constructing my resume and profile
William Saig
Initiates high-level interactive business conversation with focus on bringing new revenue opportunities
Mr. Oke was a answer to a prayer. I knew I needed help after searching for a common job. After he stepped in my emails began to light up. Mr. Oke is skilled enough to help anyone find their way to getting the attention needed. If you have been searching for a job and need help, Mr. Oke an excellent resource to utilize. He listens to your needs and and is honest about what needs to be done to get you to your goal. He makes things easier and helps restore your hope and shows you it can be done. Again, do not hesitate to let him know what you need. You will not regret the move. Mr. Oke is a great link to pay close attention to when he is writing articles or remarking on ideas. Sincerely, Liz Caputa EMR/ Software Trainer
Liz Caputa
Proven Software and Sales Trainer and Account Manager
I hired Sam to overhaul my profile after moving to a new town and job market. As a recruiter, Sam has expert knowledge of how management roles work and the value that employers are lookign for. Sam made it much easier to articulate my experience and professional background by providing a very efficient template and process for gathering years of information into a succinct profile and resume at a great value. I would highly recommend Sam’s service.
Jerry McCarty
Senior Business Operations / Business Developer with expertise in Enterprise IT Solutions and Professional Services
Samir helped me with important and useful improvements to my profile. His recommended changes and input led me to revamp my entire summary, along with significant format updates to the rest of my information. His contribution was impactful. I start my new job this next week.
Scott Pruitt
Account Executive @ Microsoft
Great service, worthwhile and very useful!
Mark Freda
President at Princeton First Aid & Rescue Squad
It is a pleasure to recommend Sam Oke. His approach to the profile writing process is a noteworthy and absolutely worth the investment. Sam’s personalized approach to the process is reinforced by his strength of experience in all phases of the hiring process. Sam worked interactively with me to pull out little nuggets of information to help me build an impressive resume. His approach is to find out where you are currently in terms of responsibility and what skills you possess to help build a targeted resume for that next great job. I am extremely pleased with the process and the final result!
Karanza Gordon, PHR
HR Leader, expertise in implementing methodologies on how to link business strategies to talent implications
I am so pleased that Samir updated my profile to a professional one. He wrote my experiences and achievements in a concise manner. I liked the summary part which talks lot about my skills and experiences and the career path which I am planning to move into. Because of my new profile I got lot of interview calls and in addition to this he also gave me guidance to prepare for my interview. I got a job offer from a reputed pharma company within a month. I am glad to recommend Samir in recreating a professional and resume which will definitely give a good career path. Thank you much appreciated for your help Samir.
Charlotte D’Souza, Ph.D
PhD graduate with experience in research
I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when I reached out to Sam Oke regarding my profile and my resume. I knew I needed help and I am thankful he was the help I needed. I read some of the recommendations of his previous clients and I decided to take the chance. I am so glad I did! Sam took the information I provided to him and worked his magic. I am so pleased with the outcome of both the profile and the resume. In the 2 weeks since making his suggested changes to my profile/resume, my search appearances on LinkedIn have almost tripled. I have had multiple interview requests. I am currently preparing for a 2nd interview for a job that was made for me. I can’t thank Sam Oke enough for all that he has done.
Iris Royster
Identifies, develops, and builds platforms to increase employee engagement and drive business goals
Samir Oke is a consummate professional. He completed my profile, resume, and cover letter for a very reasonable charge. If you’re trying to land that perfect occupation, Samir is the person for the job. Do not waste time updating your page with information that “may” work. Let Samir complete your profile with “proven,” knowledge and information that will propel you ahead of your competition. Trust me, it works!
Vincent L. Burrell, DM, MBA
Award winning Management Executive |Shapes and delivers results seamlessly aligning with client goals
Following several months of reviewing multiple job boards and submitting 100s of applications with no feed back I discovered the services of Mr. Oke. He revised my profile to a level I never would have thought. I also received a revised resume and cover letter which demonstrated my strengths and skills . The results of this is yet to be realized as it has only been a few days. I’m enthusiastic on the potential increase in activity and hopefully landing that sought after position.
Jay Dernovshek
Strikes a good balance shifting between big picture planning and detailed level execution tracking.
Sam is an expert in recreating profiles and resumes. He worked with me seamlessly and quickly to highlight my professional profile in a way that I could not see without his help. He was patient and gave me excellent feedback. I’m lucky to have hired with Sam and have already recommended him to others in my network.
Jamila A. Pugh, MBA
Business Administrator. Always learning, improving and evolving.
Sam, your service and attention to detail is excellent and the recruiters are starting to take notice! I highly recommend anyone who is active in the job market or “just looking” to pursue his service. Thanks again Sam!
Jeff Medina
Manufacturing Operations Manager with Continuous Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, and Six Sigma competency.
Samir did an outstanding job re-writing and suggesting changes to my LinkedIn profile. I have received many praises for what he wrote for me. I would recommend his work his magic and you will be very pleased with his work.
John Winkel
Proven Director Of Information Technology|Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality
Samir did an outstanding job re-writing and suggesting changes to my profile as well as my resume and cover letter. I am very pleased with all of the outcomes. I highly recommend Samir to work his magic for you as well. You will be very pleased with the outcomes.
Marshall K.Posey PMP, MBA, SCPM, CISSP, CISM
January 19, 2018, Marshall K.Posey was a client of Samir’s
Samir, is an excellent profile and resume writer. I am very grateful to the rework that he did on my Profile as well as my resume and cover letter. These changes and restructure will help me greatly as I pursue new opportunities in my chosen profession. I would strongly recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to change careers and who needs assistance with resume writing as well as using your profile as a self marketing tool.
Matthew Saucier, MBA
MBA Evaluates global office footprint while balancing expansion flexibility and effective space utilization
Sam truly did a wonderful job in upgrading my profile as well as providing feedback on my resume. It is worth the investment to have Sam work on your profile to help it to stand out. I am noticing that I am getting more views and notices than before. Thank you again Sam.
Claude Camacho
A driven sales leader, skilled in building strong relationships with commercial businesses
It is an absolute honor to write about Samir Oke. I have had the privilege of collaborating with Samir to upgrade my profile. Samir is a compassionate human being with praiseworthy writing skills. I am very impressed with his knowledge and generosity. Samir Oke has given me the opportunity to succeed. Thank You
Jerry Joe Reffell
Strong visual sense with ability to develop design concept from scratch
I had several professional resume writers contacting me to rewrite my profile and resume! I reviewed their profile and referrals to make an informed decision. I chose Samir Oke and he did a phenomenon job! His work truly was the voice I needed (in writing) to stand out among those with the same skill set! I’m very please with his work and will recommend him to others with pride! Thank you Samir for the work you do for all us that need a VOICE to express our achievements!
Lorrie Jackson-Bursey, MBA
Accounts Payable Leader ► Enhances business efficiency and drives process improvements
I recently turned to Sam Oke to assist me with my profile and am so glad that I did. After being downsized from my last job I found myself back in the career search stratosphere, where I thought I knew everything. After attempting the good ol’ tried and true methods of profile writing I quickly discovered that I was getting nowhere because the job search process is a whole new ballgame. That’s when I reached out to Sam. He quickly and thoroughly reviewed my and provided me with a detailed, clear and sensible assessment. Sam didn’t simply “re-write” my profile he explained to me how the shifting paradigm now used by HR execs and headhunters to screen applicants requires strategic positioning and a tech-savvy understanding of how to properly polish it. Because of Sam’s valuable guidance, my LinkedIn profile is recharged, sleek and more powerful than ever, which has led to many more interviews. Thank you, Sam!
Tony Ciavolella
Strategic Communications Professional
Sam did a great job of transforming the raw data I provided about myself to an excellent representation of my experience and skill set for the platform. Sam also created a stellar resume and cover latter that I will utilize in my continued employment search. I wholeheartedly recommend Sam as a very talented writer to help individuals present a more polished rendition of themselves in the digital world.
Shawn Springer
Expertise in training small and large groups across diverse industries
Samir knows the vital skills job seekers must possess in today’s competitive work environment. I highly recommend him as a friendly, accessible, trusted resource in re-creating your professional resume to result in great career growth, Ray Istorico
Ray Istorico
Marketing Specialist at Keller Williams Realty, Inc.
Sam has a service that can really enhance your profile on LinkedIn. He was kind enough to write me a headline and sent me a “Cheat Sheet for Advancing your Career”. It was very informative and assisted me in updating my profile. The platform is the first place where companies are looking for qualified professionals. It is very important that your profile is well written and more importantly, has the content that makes you stand out in a sea of available candidates. Sam has helped several people find the positions they really want with his proven writing skills.
Bob Przybylski
Proven Account Partner | Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality
I hired Samir to update my LinkedIn profile based on reviews and recommendations from his past clients. Samir took my existing resume and organized the information into a clean, succinct, key words search and efficient bio. He also updated my resume, and provided me with a cover letter as a complimentary service. I appreciate his efforts, diligence and quick turn-around. I am looking forward to receiving more views from recruiters and engaging with valuable contacts within the next 30 days.
David Naranjo
Experienced Product Visionary And Manager with A Focus on Creating & Driving Innovative and Profitable Products
Sam’s informative e-mails and job seeking tools are critical to anyone in the job market.
Martha Kenney
Experienced Financial Executive with Strategic Financial Consultants
In today’s competitive job market, a well-written resume is a must. It is an unfortunate fact that recruiters are inundated with so many applications that they can spare no more than a glance for each one, before deciding whether it is of further interest. It is becoming harder to make a résumé stand out in the pile and this accounts for the rise of professional resume writing services. But with so many options, how do you choose the best? Hi, my name is Margarita Rosario. I know what you’re thinking….. “will this really work for me”, the answer is absolutely. I had the pleasure of working with Samir Oke, at first I was skeptical but working with Sam was the best decision and investment on my career. Sam is professional, knowledgeable, and has the skills to guide you to your next dream job. Good luck!
Margarita Rosario, MBA, Bachelor of Science in Bus Adm Acct
Distinguishing performance in working accurately while prioritizing, coordinating & consolidating assigned tasks
I hired Samir to update my profile based off of other reviews/recommendations that I saw from his past clients. Although, the reviews were great (which is why I went with him), I was still somewhat skeptical only because I just didn’t know his work. Samir updated my profile well above my expectations, I am so pleased. He even updated my resume, and provided me with a great cover letter as a complimentary service. Samir’s work is very detailed, he brings out your professionalism and highlights all of your accomplishments. I am so excited to re-present myself to public, and I know that will land that dream job/career that I deserve.
Carla Gray
Drives business value and generates insightful, innovative and practical solutions for revenue cycle issues
Samir’s intimate knowledge of recruiting and hiring procedures, coupled with his sincere intent to help others succeed, make him an incredibly strong candidate for anyone looking to revamp their resume/coversheet/profile. He works quickly, diligently, and ensures what he produces is thorough. I’m very happy with what he has done for me, and would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.
Kregg Zulkeski
Pool Director at Rolling Hills Country Club
When I wanted someone to revamp my profile, Sam Oke stood out from the pack immediately. He understood my background, what I was looking for, and how to put that down on paper effectively. He was a true professional: going in-depth, clarifying when needed, and keeping his timelines. My new profile turned out to be stellar and so much better than what I was sending out before. It now captured everything that could expedite my journey towards my dream job. Sam is gifted at recreating profiles and he provided me with a well-crafted one that helped me get several interviews. His help and resources have been invaluable and his thorough approach was refreshing. The best part was that the delivery time was in less than 3 days just as was promised. I feel a lot more valued and confident in the job market.
Susannah d’Arcy
Freelance For Hire TV, Film & Live Events Line Producer, UPM I Access to a global roster of high-quality vendors & crew
Sam took a lot of information and was able to organize and design a much cleaner and more efficient bio. I appreciate his efforts and recommend his services.
Larry Richards
Strong hands-on production experience, consistently producing content to highly creative and effective standards.
Samir is an outstanding writer for profiles. After two weeks of posting my new profile Istarted to receive five job interviews. I highly recommend this professional talented person.
Alejandro Leon
Inside Sales Account Manager at Home Depot -Interline Brands
“I am a client of Sam Oke and he is an excellent profile writer & professional advisor. Sam has a natural ability to understand your career goals & industry and transpose that information into a powerful profile. Sam helps focus on your target audience and delivers a profile that enables you to gain a competitive edge. With Sam’s profile writing he is able to highlight your skills and experiences to help generate more impactful connections in your network. Sam is timely, responsive & informative. I would recommend Sam’s professional services.”
Stephanie Forbes
Drives Operational Excellence for Project Success and consistent Client Satisfaction
Sam update my LinkedIn profile and the results were extensive and concise towards my skill and experience. After all the changes I did notice recruiters reached out to me. Thank you Sam for a job well done. I recommend Sam to anyone that seeking to utilize LinkedIn more effectively.
Malachi R. Gladden
Operations Leader | Contemporary professional with a propensity to mentor | Impeccable leadership skills
Samir Oke is very proactive expert in helping professionals rewrite their profile, and also has the time and efforts to review your existing resume and update it. He can tailor fit it of your goal to help you to look for another job opportunities, or make a career change. He is experience in studying and analyzing you career goal, path, and objectives of where you are planning to pursue to make that next career move? His work and advice in my career plan to help me makes that career change has allowed me to expand my reach to send copies of resume to those industries that I did not think before that I could have them use my professional experience and educational background. So, far it has yielded lots of inquiries about their interest to review and reconsider my executive professional career. They have look at my years of experience that can be used to help them of their plans for future corporate growth and business expansion. My advice, should you want to pursue in looking for new job opportunities, or make a career change for you to grow and increase your professional income. Mr. Samir Oke would be the person to communicate and contact. The charge for his services are reasonable and affordable, it is surely that it would not break your bank. Try to reach him and ask for his help, it would not hurt you of your professional career outlook and future career endeavors.
Sidney Maradan
Research and Development Project Manager Executive for IT Operations and Project Management.
Since I started working with Samir his attitude was 100% positive. Always open to suggestions and willing to give the best of himself. The results? Since moment zero there has been visible advances. Do you need a better profile? Better call Sam!
Mauricio Mogollon
Learning Account Planning! Brand builder / Creative Strategist / Creative Director / Art Director / Graphic Designer ::
Sam has provided an excellent resume writing and profile writing service. He is excellent at understanding career objectives and has the ability to create masterpiece LinkedIn Profiles, resumes, cover letters, and blog posts. He has my highest recommendation.
Prem Neelay
Enterprise Account Manager at CenturyLink
As a Talent Acquisition Manager, I can say with confidence that enlisting Sam Oke’s career help is a winning bet! I’ve always been considered a skilled writer myself, but my recent difficulty finding a new position made me decide to give Sam a try, and the results were truly impressive. He transformed my profile from ‘decent’ to ‘awesome,’ and the free article he provided for me to post is already creating new opportunities. I’m very pleased with Sam’s methodology and would highly recommend his assistance. He’ll take your ‘typical’ resume or profile and will turn it into a work of art!
Laurie Cortez
Sr. Remote/Virtual Recruiter ~ Available Now!
Sam has done a great job with writing my profile and resume, cover letter. We worked on my documents back in March and now once i asked for update’s, it was done immediately. Thank you Sam. I would recommend you to others.
Larisa Mikhaylov
IT Management Executive | VP of IT | leading executions to enhance quality, productivity & bottom line performance
Sam is astute at learning about people over the professional platform. In a manner of days he was able to write my profile and write it in a way that I could not have done on my own. He did not manipulate any information and it honestly felt like he knew me for years after reading my profile for the first time! I think Sam is a skilled professional who has mastered his craft! And – if you have the opportunity for Sam help with a profile – in my humble opinion you should take that opportunity and see what it can bring for you!!
Kirk Kruger
Changing an industry one business partner at a time
I recently utilized Sam’s talents for writing my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. I have been so impressed with his ability to build amazing and up to date documents. It has been a pleasure to work with Sam as he is always willing to answer questions and while extending the most professional demeanor. He did such a great job for me and as a result I gave his service as a gift to help someone else. I highly recommend Sam!! Linda Booker
Linda Booker
Successfully working with organizations to enhance marketing strategy and relationship building as a community liaison.
The work that Sam performed in rewriting my profile is outstanding. Sam was easy to work with, responsive and really went the extra mile, including providing me additional feedback on my resume. I am looking forward to see what this rewrite does for possible future placement. I highly recommend Sam’s services.
Aletta Van Der Walt
Senior Program Management professional fostering a culture of continuous process improvement
Samir Oke is a consummate professional. He completed my Linked In profile, resume, and cover letter for a very reasonable charge. If you’re trying to land that perfect role, Samir is the person for the job. Do not waste time updating your page with information that may work. Let him complete your profile with “proven,” knowledge and information that will propel you ahead of your competition. Trust me, it works!
Brian Magner
Drives business planning and the sales strategy I Influences key decision makers and creative breakthrough strategies
I have long needed a resume revamp, so I turned to Samir Oke, a resume expert. I paid a fee for the service, but It was well worth the price for the advice and the sample resumes that I received. I like the structure of the resume formats, overall. As a Word user for twenty-some years, I am a lot more strict about using built-in styles where possible and customizing their formatting attributes as needed. I recreated the same template from scratch using a few custom, semantic original styles, such as Candidate Name, Candidate Title, Candidate Contact, and Career Highlights. Otherwise I used Word’s built in, structural styles for the rest of the content: Headings 1, 2, 3 (adding colored backgrounds to 2 and 3); Body Text; List Bullet; Header; Footer, etc. My “Styles in Use menu shows only 16 styles, most of which are native to Word.
Edward VanArsdall
Freelance Web and Technical Writer/Editor
Sam did a fantastic job with rewriting my profile. He identified and highlighted strengths and achievements, integrated key words, and provided valuable feedback. He generously overdelivered on our agreed scope and was responsive throughout. I highly recommend Sam’s services.
Erin McReynolds
Creative Director delivering creative strategies that advance business goals
Following several months of reviewing multiple job boards and submitting 100s of applications with no feed back I discovered the services of Mr. Oke. He revised my profile to a level I never would have thought. I also received a revised resume and cover letter which demonstrated my strengths and skills . The results of this is yet to be realized as it has only been a few days. Fm enthusiastic on the potential increase in activity and hopefully landing that sought after position.
Jay Deronvshek
Strikes a good balance shifting between big picture planning and detailed level execution tracking.
Sam did an excellent job completely rewriting my profile, in addition to my resume and cover letter. The latter two he did for free. I only paid for the profile. Unbeknownst to me, my resume was in dire need of a rewrite and different format. The information was there but you had to read through the entire document in order to pick it out. Sam extracted all the important items and showcased them at the very beginning, the only section even looked at most of the time. My summary was missing much good information that was worth mentioning. Just about every single character of the 2000 limit was used. Sam also added a quote at the beginning and gave me a much catchier headline. Great job!
Jean-Paul Gibson
Champion in leading multiple defenses manufacturing Engineering Project with R&D expertise.
Samir is a knowledgeable wordsmith with a talent for presenting professionals strengths in eloquent form. He transformed my basic data format profile and resume into attractive, easy to read marketing tools. My networking site views have gone from less than 5 a week to 35 or more. I very much enjoyed working with Sam and recommend his services to help boost your career. Thank you Samir.
Joshua Okennedy
Program Manager at MasTec Network Solutions
Sam was very professional and easy to work with. He has a talent of taking your work experiences and expanding on them, in order to highlight the best of your talents without over exaggerating them. It will be well worth your time in reaching out to him if you’re needing an upgrade to your profile.
Jred Stradtman
Optimizing manufacturing operations by directing lean initiatives and operational improvements
I hired Sam to rewrite my Profile and he also revamped my resume. I love that he gives a 30 day money back guarantee, and I’m still searching for my new job, but I think I have a much better chance based on what Sam did for me. I’m truly hoping not to have to ask for my money back because I love my new resume and profile. Thank you Sam!
Julie Riley
Providing business critical insights and helping teams drive strategic partnerships and new initiatives forward
After my profile was updated by Sam, the visits and contacts increased. Sam impressed me, he rewrote the presentation and rewrite my background. The turnaround was quick. I fully recommend his services.
Maria Moncada
Provides strategic HR business partnership that results in a high-performing, engaged workforce and profitable business
I was referred Sam by a co-worker. He was very pleasant to work with and efficient in the work done. I love the approach he has in getting to learn more about you as a person in order to skillfully write a Profile. I love the fact he gives a 30 day money back guarantee but for the value he provides of also providing a resume and a cover letter it will not be needed. My views have already increased with my new Profile.
Julie Riley
Proven track record in sales and events; providing strategic and operational oversight of brand direction
Samir helped me to get my profile up to par. He went the extra mile for me and adjusted the content to really help. It feels so much better to know that I am covered on Linked in and feel more confident moving forward. Thanks Samir
Michael Wohltmann
Translating organization’s strategic goals into operational objectives to improve all aspects of business operations
I can say with all honesty that the effort Samir put into updating and improving my profile was definitely worth the small investment. Plus the fact that he also provides an updated resume and cover letter, makes this a can’t resist bargain. I am very excited about the possibilities of opportunities that this updated profile and resume will provide. He has been responsive and prompt to all my questions and requests.
Murray Schwartz
Developing, analyzing, and building positive relationships with clients for long-term retention and continued growth
I employed the services of Sam to do a new profile, resume re-write, and cover letter. Not only did he deliver it in 2 to 3 days but I received it on the morning of the 4th of July, a national holiday. Since then, my scheduled interviews have doubled. Still waiting for that perfect fit, but am confident it is around the corner.
Patrick Starrett, MBA
Account Executive at Freightquote
I’ll be honest. I did procastinate about having Sam rewrite my profile. Well I did finally take Sam up on his money back guarantee offer. Sam wrote me an awesome profile which has drawn numerous compliments from my peers. Take advantage and do the same for yourself. You will not be sorry! Thanks Sam!
Paul Interland
Experienced Business Development Professional
Sam did a fabulous job getting my experience and skills in a professional format for both my profile and my resume. It has been very beneficial to my career and I highly recommend him to anyone serious about having a top notch profile. He has a great deal of knowledge and knows just what needs done.
Rebecca Bohlander
Marketing and Public Relations Management Professional I achieving multi-million dollar production budget
I was very pleased with the service that I received from Sam. His professionalism and prompt response were very much appreciated. Sam went above and beyond to help tailor my resume and profile so that it would attract the right people. I recommend Sam if you need your resume and profile tweaked.
Richard Godsey
Searching for an Operations Management career position
Sam was recommended to me by a friend who had his resume written by Sam and spoke very highly of him. I hired Sam to help me put all my experience and qualifications in a logical way and update my profile. He did all that and more. He follows through, helped me brush up my resume and assisted with putting my key experience forward and providing a solid summary of my experience. I recommend him to anyone serious about their LinkedIn profile and looking into getting a new job and need their resume written.. Sam was awesome!
Shamaila Jabbar
Manager at Kaiser permanente
I sought out Samir after reading all the good reviews he was getting from other clients. I am glad I did. He revamped my resume and profile. I am on my way to getting my dream job now. He was efficient and he worded my profile to show my strengths.
Sherri Roberson
Performs insightful analysis to identify financial improvements to achieve strategic goals
What an excellent Service! Sam knows exactly what hiring managers want in a candidate and he was able to write me a concise resume and profile that truly represents my experiences and achievements in a very professional manner. His price was more than reasonable and I highly recommend his work to anyone looking for a professional writers. I am so appreciative of your help Sam. Thanks.
Simret Hagos
Operations/Geosteering geologist in search of a new challenge
I must recommend Samir. I have worked with him on rewriting my profile, resume and cover letter. He has found great ways to explain my talents that I never would have thought of by myself. You will not regret getting his input to your job search.
Thomas Buesing
Proven Pre-Sales Engineer I Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality
Samir did a great job updating my resume and profile. He took his time and accepted my feedback in a timely fashion. Now I just have to wait and see the results, but I feel confident he was able to improve my chances of getting a great job!
Waldo Cristian Palacios
Competent Project Manager with expertise in heading supply chain operations and customer relations
Samir delivered on everything he promised and more. I highly recommended his services to anyone wishing to accelerate their career.
Virgil McCaleb
Identifies growth opportunities and translates them into strategies for success.
Sam does a wonderful job of identifying and understanding the nuances of a candidate’s experience and skill set. His ability to represent these things in an accurate appealing way really helps draw attention from just the right audience.
Eric Weinkam
Director of Digital Solutions at Oldcastle
Sam has an innovative, trust-building approach to head-hunting relationship. He provided an efficient power version of my resume, as well as a sample cover letter, as part of th application process to posts that were not clearly available through standard job search sites. Albeit a recent relationship, I am pursuing every position he finds for me with complete confidence.
Clark Misul
IT Project Manager at US Department of The Treasury
Working with Sam was easy. His timely and responsive communications made each step clear and an effective use of my time. His understanding of the industry allowed him to present recommendations that were valued and fresh. Thank you Sam!
Sean Ebanks, CISA
Security Compliance Manager at SiteSpect, Inc.
Sam has provided invaluable input regarding my profile.The resume provided by him is exemplary. Sam’s expertise will be useful for a rise to the next level.
Jim Turner, PMP
Director, Marketing & Customer Acquisition